Good Times

TanaCon FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and where is TanaCon being held?

    TanaCon will take place June 22-23, 2018 at the Anaheim Marriott Suites in Anaheim, CA. The address is 12015 Harbor Blvd. Garden Grove, CA 92840

  • What are the best hotels to stay at while attending TanaCon?

    The Anaheim Marriott Suites will be the host hotel for this year’s event. With this hotel sold out, we recommend staying the surrounding hotels near by!

  • What are the age restrictions to attend TanaCon?

    There are no age restrictions to attend TanaCon. If you are under 18, make sure to talk to your parents and then head over to the tickets page to register!

  • What is the easiest way to get to TanaCon?

    Parking on site will be limited, we recommend taking an Uber or Lyft. If you're staying off site near by, a quick walk is recommended.

  • When will you be releasing the special guests who will be attending?

    We will continually be adding special guests as we confirm them. Make sure you are following us on Twitter and Instagram for announcements like this.

  • How does the meetup process work?

    CLICK HERE to see the official meetup process.

  • Do I have to pay an additional cost to participate in meetups?

    Nope! If you already purchased your TanaCon Featured Fucking Creator pass, you won’t have to pay an additional cost to attend meetups.

  • When/how will we be able to register for meetups?

    Don’t worry! Full details can be found HERE!

  • What do I do if I have a ticketing error or question?

    Errors are never fun, but if you have any problems or questions regarding ticketing, please email

  • How do I know which rooms host what?

    There will be large signs outside of each room as indicated on the schedule, which you can view here!

  • Are there any restrictions to my credentials?


    Good Times Entertainment, LLC reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to refuse admission to any person and/or to eject any person from the event if it considers that person’s behavior or conduct is causing, or is likely to cause (without limitation), damage; injury; nuisance; or distress to others: without a refund.

    All attendees must produce a valid credential to gain entry to the event and upon request for inspection. Failure to produce your credential on request may result in you being ejected from the event without a refund.

  • Can I purchase tickets at the event?

    Yep! You will be able to purchase tickets ahead of time on our website. We will likely sell out, so you can always purchase early on our website for the best chance at getting tickets! 

  • When will tickets sell out?

    There is no set date when we will sell out of tickets. We will be making announcements through Twitter and Instagram when we start to get low on tickets so make sure you are following us!

  • Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

    We are sad to see you go! But unfortunately no, you cannot cancel your registration and receive a refund. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

  • I can’t make TanaCon this year. Can I transfer my ticket to a future event or other Good Times event?

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to transfer your ticket to a different event. 

  • I purchased a ticket from a friend, outside source, or a crack head on the side of Hollywood Blvd. Can you honor this?

    Your ticket must be purchased through our official Good Times & TanaCon website. We will not be able to guarantee or verify validity of any tickets purchased through outside sources. All ticketing is powered by Veeps.

  • Are we allowed to bring bags?

    For your safety, when attending TanaCon, you will be subject to bag searching. If you have a purse or backpack security can not see the contents of, expect to go through a bag check.


    When considered necessary by Building Management or Good Times, a visual or full search will be conducted by Event Security. All guests and/or show personnel may be subject to search prior to entering the event space.


    A visual search may consist of the following: the guest being asked to open any coat, bag or containers of any type. Security will visually scan all guests as they enter the facility for contraband noted below. The guest may be asked to dispose of the item(s) prior to entering the facility. Guests may be turned over to the Anaheim Police Department if item(s) of an illegal nature are discovered.


    A Full Search consists of the following: the guest being asked to open any coats, bag or containers of any type and also being physically patted down or screened with a metal detector. If contraband is detected, the guest will be asked to dispose of the item(s) prior to entering the building. Guests may be turned over to the Anaheim Police Department if item(s) of an illegal nature are discovered.

  • What is allowed and not allowed at the event?

    Purses, diaper bags, and other small personal bags are allowed, but will be inspected at all entrances. No storage or check-in area will be provided for items not permitted inside the event. Items confiscated at the entrance will not be returned.


    In order to ensure Good Times & TanaCon is providing a safe environment, we may search you, your clothing, bags, or other items at any time at our sole discretion. Refusal or failure to co-operate in any search may result in you being refused entry or being ejected from the event without refund.

    We reserve the right to prohibit certain items within the event space from time to time. Prohibited items include (without limitation):

    The following items are NOT permitted inside the center without search:

    • Coolers or other similar containers

    • Weapons of any kind or any kind of item that could be construed as a weapon

    • Illegal substances or alcohol

    • Any other items, which we believe may cause danger or disruption at the Event (regardless of whether or not they are illegal or carried for a specific purpose).


    • Backpacks and over-sized purses will be searched

    • Large bags, backpacks, duffle bags or boxes

    • Laser pens or laser products

    • Projectiles (including frisbees)

    • Over-sized signs (larger than 2' x 3')

    • Stickers

    • Professional cameras

    • Balloons

    • Heeleys, skateboards or skates

    • Sticks or poles

    • Wrapped Gifts For Creators

    All prohibited items must be disposed of or surrendered before, or upon, entry to the event. Failure to surrender any prohibited items may result in you being refused entry or being ejected from the event without refund.

  • What is there to do in Anaheim aside from attending the TanaCon event? 

    Of course! There is tons of dining, shopping, and more. Even Disneyland is a short drive away!

  • If my parent or guardian is attending with me do they need a ticket?

    Yes, every person attending, including parents and guardians, need to have a ticket. This includes meet-ups, any parents wishing to attend meet-ups will need to go through the reservation process. We want to make sure the maximum amount of attendees get to meet their favorite creators. 

  • Will there be parking at the Anaheim Marriott Suites during TanaCon?

    Parking will be limited, we recommend you take an Uber if possible.

  • Will we receive a ticket in the mail? 

    You will not receive a physical ticket in the mail. Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number. Print that email and bring it to registration with a photo ID to pick up your badge. 

  • What do I need to pick up my badge?

    To pick up your badge at registration, you will need your confirmation email, ticket, AND a photo ID. Your school ID, driver’s license, and identification cards will be acceptable forms of identification.

  • What happens if I lose my badge during TanaCon?

    We will NOT be able to reissue badges if you misplace yours so make sure to hold on tight. 

  • What are the official TanaCon hashtags for the event?

    Dude, the official TanaCon hashtag is #TanaCon but the other event specific ones are below! Make sure to use them throughout the weekend so we can see your beautiful selfies! 

    #TanaCon #GoodTimesLive

  • What time does the event start?

    Things are always changing, but we are schedule to begin on Friday & Saturday at 10:00 AM local time. 

  • What happens if I lose something?


    It is your responsibility to keep your personal possessions safe at all times while at the event. Neither Good Times nor the Marriott shall be liable for the loss, damage or theft of any items.

  • Is the event being filmed?


    All attendees at the Event consent to being filmed or recorded (images and sound) by or on behalf of Good Times Entertainment, LLC or another authorized third party, and consent to their images (or likenesses) being used in any film, recording, photograph or other footage (“Recording”) of the Event. Good Times Entertainment, LLC and/or the authorized third party shall own all rights in the Recording. You agree that any Recording may be used by Good Times or authorized third party in any media and for any purpose throughout the world, including, without limitation, for promotional materials and activities, merchandise, DVD’s or other commercial activities. No payment or compensation for use of your image or likeness shall be payable to you.

  • Can I bring my pet?


    With the exception of guide or assistance animals or Good Times credentialed performance animals, no animals are permitted in the event. Customers wishing to attend an Event with a guide or assistance animal are requested to contact the event in advance for assistance.