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Meet-Up Group Reservations & Details


Featured Fucking Creator meetup group reservations will take place ONLINE based on availability in the order you register. This is done on a first come, first serve basis starting Sunday, June 17th at 10 AM PST. Meet-Up Reservations will take place throughout the event and you're welcome to stop by at anytime. This is to allow for equal access and provide every person equal chance to reserve the meet-up of their choice. ALL MEETUPS ARE OPEN TO EVERYONE, on a first come first serve basis UNLESS you pre-registered online for a meetup. Your favorites will be meeting as many of you as they can in their given time slot! Use the standby line if you weren’t able to register!

ALL MEETUP LINES BEGIN OUTSIDE. You WILL ONLY be allowed to line up 30 minutes before the scheduled meet up time! Please look for the room name where your meeting is being held! Lines will be by ROOM NAME not by talent’s names. Meet-up lines will close 30 minutes prior to the end of the meet-up.

If you accidentally pre-registered for more than one meet-up (WHOOPS!), you will be prompted to select which one you want to do when you arrive on-site during registration! You’ll see why this is so important below!

If you haven’t yet…make sure you do it soon because meetup pre-registration ends Thursday, June 20th at 10PM PST! Meet-ups can be reserved here.


As you know, Tana has promised all FEATURED FUCKING CREATOR pass holders a Fastpass to meet their favorite Creators! To best accommodate everyone, the meetup you pre-registered for is your FAST PASS to meet that specific Creator you pre-registered for! You will be able to access the Fastpass line for that meetup, which will have first priority over standby to meet your creator! But due to time constraints, we cannot guarantee that you will be meet that Creator! So we recommend you arrive on time or even 30 minutes before the scheduled start time!

The talent will be meeting as many of you as possible in their allotted time for the meetup! If you have questions, our Customer Service booth by Registration will be able to help answer them

Rest assured, everyone you wish to meet will be at the event and will have ample opportunities to meet them. Meetups are based on capacity and safety, so we recommend you take a look at the schedule and have your meetup choice in mind! Groups are identified by wristbands. Upon check-in and redemption of your ticket, you will receive your lanyard as well as your ticket for meetup group reservations and corresponding wristbands which you will need to access you assigned meet-up.

Each Featured Fucking Creator ticket will include 1 private meetup  opportunity for reservations - again, keep in mind, this is for safety and there are multiple chances to meet everyone you wish throughout the event. In the event you accidentally registered for more than one, you will be prompted to select which one you would like the Fast Pass for.

Please bring your ticket & photo ID to claim your VIP packages. For each Featured Fucking Creator ticket you purchased, you will be able to select ONE meetup group.




"See you real fucking soon!" - Tana