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Hello to everyone who joined us in Anaheim for TanaCon,

We are so grateful for each and every one of you who showed support for TanaCon and Tana’s dream of inclusivity. Due to an overwhelming & unexpected response of over fifteen thousand unregistered guests arriving to the venue Friday morning, unfortunately, inclusivity to everyone became a safety hazard for the exact people we wanted to accommodate. Our team and hotel staff were fully prepared for a five thousand capped event, however, we were unable to accommodate for the estimated fifteen thousand who showed up to support Tana’s vision.

For the past twenty four hours, our team has discussed internally and with supporters of TanaCon about how we can ultimately make this up to you. Our team has worked around the clock to find a solution to accommodate everyone safely and fairly, but at this point in time there is no way to continue a successful weekend at TanaCon as is without risking the safety of all of you, our Featured Creators, which is our number one priority. We do express complete apology for cancellation which was not at all anticipated, and we understand the frustration that has arisen from the unexpected amount of response for the event.

We will be issuing refunds. To make a claim, please go to and fill out the form any time before January 5, 2019. You should expect a refund within the next 30 business days. Unfortunately, we are unable to send automatic refunds as we will be issuing refunds personally from our team.

If you would rather save your ticket as a comped pass to our future event on January 5-6, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois, please go to to file a claim. You will receive an email confirming that your ticket will be comped, and in any instance that you shall decide to refund your ticket instead, you will still have until January 5, 2019 to claim a refund.

The vision of TanaCon is to empower those who aspire to make a change in the entertainment industry. We are extremely proud of Tana and her determination to take a stand and use her voice, and we continue supporting her as she proceeds to pave the way for current and upcoming creators.

The Good Times Team

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